January 28 , 2015
Opco to take first step on tuning
Seied Hadi Mirsaeid: Samand sayana`s project has been finalized, and also more designs for some vehicles like Tondar (L90) and Samand get ready to launch with permission of....
First home-made Hybrid car unveil soon
Persiankhodro: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveil first home-made hybrid car soon enough.
persian khodro: In order to develop collaboration with our Iranian partner, we planned to produce 60.000 passenger cars in this country next year” said Lifan Motor Co.’s CEO, Shang You.
CEO: Lifan produces 60.000 cars in Iran
Vice President General Manager:Lifan X50 and 820 in the roads of Iran
persian khodro: “Lifan’s new car, 720, is to come to Iran in near future” said Mark Timber, Vice President General Manager of Lifan Motor Co.
Chief Executive:Lifan targets to increase market share in Iran
persiankhodro: Chief executive of Lifan motors says this company has planned to protect its superior position and the company’s strategic horizon and resource management is focused on this matter.
IAIIC & Opportunities for Foreign Investment in Iran
persiankhodro: The Second Iranian Auto Industry International Conference 2014, held in Tehran on December 1, was attended by over 500 representatives of more than 250 automobile and auto spare parts production companies from 30 countries and ambassadors of other states to Iran. The number of participants showed the importance of Iran’s auto industry and market at regional level.
17 Component Design Companies to Be Established by IKCO
persiankhodro: According to Iran Khodro CEO and President, Hashem Yekehzare, his company would support the establishment of 17 car component design companies by the next three years.
IKCO and Peugeot to Resume Cooperation
persiankhodro: PSA Executive Vice President talks about its company's serious negotiations on resumption of its activities in Iran and says, "In its new cooperation with IKCO, Peugeot intends to produce three new cars in a joint venture with its Iranian ex-partner".
Renault Pars:The Goal Is Technology Transfer & Investment Promotion
PersianKhodro: Referring to Renault Pars's new strategy for continuous presence in Iran market, the company's CEO declared that his company was after technology transfer and investment promotion in Iran.
  JAC’s CEO announces: Plans to win 15 percent of Iran’s market share
Chinese Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co’s CEO reveals its Planning to achieve a market share of 10 to 15 percent of passenger cars and offer three new products to Iran’s market this year. He said: “establishing research centers and attaining engineering and technical knowledge are the key points in enhancing productivity.”
Color Variation in Cars
IKCO paint shops are capable of applying 30 variants of colors on this company's cars simultaneously.
Presence of automakers and auto-parts makers from 20 countries has been confirmed so farAmericans should not lose the opportunity of being present in the Iranian auto industry conference
The secretary of the Iranian auto industry conference announced: "The presence of 20 countries, which their technology in automotive industry are well known, has been confirmed so far and it is better for American automakers not to miss this opportunity."
Participation of 150 foreign companies in the Iranian auto industry conference
PersianKhodro: World's Automakers will participate in the Iranian auto industry conference.
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