December 20 , 2014
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Ahmad Brooghani
Opco to take first step on tuning
Seied Hadi Mirsaeid: Samand sayana`s project has been finalized, and also more designs for some vehicles like Tondar (L90) and Samand get ready to launch with permission of....
First home-made Hybrid car unveil soon
Persiankhodro: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveil first home-made hybrid car soon enough.
Chinese Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co’s CEO reveals its Planning to achieve a market share of 10 to 15 percent of passenger cars and offer three new products to Iran’s market this year. He said: “establishing research centers and attaining engineering and technical knowledge are the key points in enhancing productivity.”
  JAC’s CEO announces: Plans to win 15 percent of Iran’s market share
Color Variation in Cars
IKCO paint shops are capable of applying 30 variants of colors on this company's cars simultaneously.
Presence of automakers and auto-parts makers from 20 countries has been confirmed so farAmericans should not lose the opportunity of being present in the Iranian auto industry conference
The secretary of the Iranian auto industry conference announced: "The presence of 20 countries, which their technology in automotive industry are well known, has been confirmed so far and it is better for American automakers not to miss this opportunity."
Participation of 150 foreign companies in the Iranian auto industry conference
PersianKhodro: World's Automakers will participate in the Iranian auto industry conference.
Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade: Inviting the European automakers to return to Iran
PersianKhodro: at the recent meeting of Iranian automotive policy council, some important decisions were taken, including inviting European, Korean and Japanese automakers partners to return to Iran.
To investigate the accident in Tehran – Qom road:SCANIA representatives will come to Iran tomorrow
PersianKhodro: "A delegation from SCANIA will come to Iran tomorrow in order to investigate the accident in Tehran – Qom road and they will visit the scene." said by the deputy for implementation of standards and quality systems in the Institute of Standard.
Iranian Minister of Industry has threatened to expel SCANIA
PersianKhodro: A member of the Civil Commission of Iranian parliament said: “Iranian Minister of Industry announced that if the delegation from SCANIA Co. fails to give a convincing explanation, we are ready to do the necessary actions to change the company’s production line of busses.”
PersianKhodro: CEO of Oghab Afshan Industrial & Manufacturing Co. which is the manufacturer of Scania buses in Iran said about producing 7 types of coach buses by this company.
A member of board of directors of Auto Parts Manufacturers Association:Auto Parts Manufacturers welcome the return of Peugeot to Iran
PersianKhodro: A member of board of directors of Auto Parts Manufacturers Association said about the probability of return of Peugeot to Iran and announced this return will certainly benefit the automotive industry and we will welcome any cooperation with foreign countries.
SAIPA X100, the most popular car in Iraq
PersianKhodro: SAIPA X100 automobiles are the cheapest, most fuel-efficient and most popular vehicles in Iraq.
Iran Khodro will enter the Tunisian market with Runna
PersianKhodro: Iran Khodro Industrial Group is going to export 6 vehicles to Tunis in order to expand its overseas markets and prepare itself to enter the North African countries permanently.
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