November 28, 2022
The Goal Is Technology Transfer & Investment Promotion
2014/12/01 | 10:39
Renault Pars:

The Goal Is Technology Transfer & Investment Promotion

PersianKhodro: Referring to Renault Pars's new strategy for continuous presence in Iran market, the company's CEO declared that his company was after technology transfer and investment promotion in Iran.

According to PersianKhodro report, "New cars and platforms to be produced with each of the two big Iranian carmakers are also on Renault Pars's agenda," said Payman Kargar, on the sideline of the second Iranian Auto Industry Int'l Conference.

Kargar also mentioned, "Renault has so far invested 80 million euros in Iran, which itself is unique in the history of Iran's cooperation with foreign partners."

In the meantime, Renault Pars CEO stated that Renault considers Iran's conditions for working with foreign partners and added, "Renault cooperation with Iranian carmakers started with producing a joint venture car."

Recalling the boost in the production of standard and automatic Tondar 90, he claimed, "We are after producing a noticeable number of Tondar pickups and two other products that are the F90 minivan and the 7-seat R90 van to be jointly produced with IKCO."

According to Renault Pars CEO, Renault Clio and Capture which are the company's newly introduced cars will hit Iran market before the end of this Iranian year in the form of CBU and afterwards, their production will be put on the agenda.