November 28, 2022
17 Component Design Companies to Be Established by IKCO
2014/12/01 | 13:16

17 Component Design Companies to Be Established by IKCO

persiankhodro: According to Iran Khodro CEO and President, Hashem Yekehzare, his company would support the establishment of 17 car component design companies by the next three years.

According to PersianKhodro report, During the 2nd Iranian Auto Industry Int'l Conference, Yekehzare emphasized that IKCO would back Iranian private sector in design and development of cars and car parts.

"We are after establishing three car body design companies with the help of foreign consulting companies and we also guarantee purchasing their products up to five years," asserted the CEO and added, "Regarding die production we need to establish 5 die making companies which will be built up within three years, being financed by Iran National Development Fund."

Recalling that IKCO would support the required trainings for these companies, Yekehzare restated that IKCO would purchase their products right from the start up to five years.

"We also require 5 gearbox making, 10 engine part making and 10 new suspension designing companies or we have to upgrade the existing part makers to be able to supply the demand, while 3 new private companies have to take care of car trims," said the CEO, focusing on the necessity of enriching electronics of the cars and assembling engine parts in IKCO.

Referring to road test as the last step in car production, Yekehzare also mentioned, "The Ministry of Industries, Mine and Commerce has been a great help in this field with establishing a road test company."

It's noteworthy the 2nd Iranian Auto Industry International Conference was held on December 1st 2014 in the Khalij-e Fars Hall of Milad Tower in Tehran in the presence of Iranian carmakers and representatives from Asian and European car and part making companies.