November 28, 2022
Lifan targets to increase market share in Iran
2014/12/27 | 13:32
Chief Executive:

Lifan targets to increase market share in Iran

persiankhodro: Chief executive of Lifan motors says this company has planned to protect its superior position and the company’s strategic horizon and resource management is focused on this matter.

According to PersianKhodro report, “Lifan Motors has exported passenger cars to different markets up to 10 years and Iran was one of our most important partners in the field of production” said Yin Ming Shan, the Chief Executive Manager of Lifan Motor Co.

“In Iran, our studies shows that consumers prefer vehicles with high engine power opposite of the Chinese who choose low fuel consumption cars”, he added.

Pointing more investment problems in Iran, Yin Ming Shan stated that we follow balance of trade with our partner because of the difficulties in money transfer, so we are looking for companies that can export goods to china.

Yin showed Lifan’s interest in transferring know-how to design and produce auto parts in Iran and restated that both sides agree upon this matter since produce parts in demotic market will results in reduction of production time, so lifan recently has visited six Iranian auto part producer.

He reiterated that human resources and infrastructures of Iranian auto part producers have prepared to compete in the global arena, so one of our ultimate goal of this partnership is to deploy our technology and capital with Iranian resources.

Chief Executive Manager of Lifan Motor Co. expressed his satisfaction about Iran talks with the West and stressed that nuclear agreement won’t threaten Lifan’s market in Iran.

Yin added: the advantages of opportunities can underlie the greater achievements and therefore base on our previous experiences in the other markets and standing among three top exporter of passenger cars in china, it is not surprising to compete with the west brands.

“Since Iran is one of our important market, our main target in this country and the other region countries is to increase production and Lifan will never demit the market” Yin Ming Shan, the Chief Executive Manager of Lifan Motor Co. said.

He added that Lifan produce 400,000 passenger and commercial cars annually and has targeted to increase it up to one million sets.

Lifan Motor Co. is among the top 100 companies in china and produce passenger and commercial cars, motorcycle, diesel engines and generator.

Lifan last year exported more than 60.000 passenger cars to about 50 countries. This company has production lines in 7 countries.