November 28, 2022
CEO: Lifan produces 60.000 cars in Iran
2015/01/10 | 11:30

CEO: Lifan produces 60.000 cars in Iran

persian khodro: In order to develop collaboration with our Iranian partner, we planned to produce 60.000 passenger cars in this country next year” said Lifan Motor Co.’s CEO, Shang You.

According to PersianKhodro report, He said: Lifan plan to increase the percentage of homemade parts in the line of programs of Iran’s Industry, Mine and Trade ministry.

Pointing out that Lifan is to boost R&D activity in Iran, he mentioned his plan to move toward increasing the percentage of homemade parts at the same time to reach prime rating of foreign brands in Iran.

Being in partnership with Iran’s Kerman Motor Co from 2008, Lifan has followed a comprehensive plan to make more and more parts of his production in the country and thus, producing its production recently in that company will accelerate this move.

“The experience of production of Lifan 520 in Iran showed the importance of quality for consumers, then, we could promote the quality level of Lifan 620 and X60In Kerman Motor Co” said Dow Li, Quality Manager in Lifan Co.

“The current strategy of the Company is to reach optimal quality in production and distribution, however we experience it in Lifan X60 supply” he added.

He reiterated that Lifan’s significant sale in different counties such as South America, the north of Africa, Central Asia, East Europe and South East Asia and high quality characteristics in Lifan720 and 820 are very strong proofs.

In recent years Lifan has followed the quality matter seriously with steps such as parts supervisions, Car Test in Chinese roads, quality control laboratory with $50 million investment and ….