November 28, 2022
Exploitation of the world's newest satellite Internet technology in Iran
2016/10/25 | 15:37
Fulfilling the MOU signed during the South Korean president's trip to Tehran

Exploitation of the world's newest satellite Internet technology in Iran

The CEO of DiGiFi Co. announced: The technology of DiGiFi will be unveiled next week (27 October) in Seoul - the capital of South Korea- by the presence of high-ranking officials and experts in the communication industry from 25 countries, including Iranian experts.

According to PersianKhodro report, Han Man Ki added: The technology uses satellite connection to provide cheap and fast Wi-Fi internet access in all areas even in areas lacking infrastructure.

This contract was signed between the South Korean DiGiFi Co., which is the owner of the technology, and Iranian ICCO Co. during South Korean president's trip to Iran in the first half of May this year.

He continued: In this event the unique features and hidden aspects of the technology which is a revolution in internet sector will be unveiled.

Han Man Ki pointed to the ease and speed of implementation, setting up and making use of this technology as its characteristics and said: By using this technology there will be a significant reduction in initial investments and there is no need for modems, fiber optics, network, telecommunications mast and other expensive hardware equipments.

He added: DiGiFi technology can extend Wi-Fi coverage to out of reach and rural areas and also areas affected by incidents and natural disasters in the shortest time and with the highest performance.

The CEO of DiGiFi Co. stated that in this technology it is possible to connect and pass information through internal official communication gates and emphasized: In the form of a joint venture contract with the Iranian side, the DiGiFi technology will enter Iran in Internet communication sector soon and along with other countries.

The contract between DiGiFi Co. and ICCO Co. for implementation of this plan was signed on 2nd of May during the South Korean president's trip to Iran.

Based on that, internet telecommunications will be launched in 18 thousand villages of Iran by using South Korea’s technology.

The CEO of DiGiFi Co. said: The negotiations between the two sides lasted 6 months. In a year and a half and by using this technology we can connect 18 thousand villages to the internet speed of 3.5 to 4 Gigabits per second.

It should be noted that during the South Korean President's trip to Tehran in May, 19 cooperation contracts was signed.