November 28, 2022
The high cost and low quality are the weakness of after sales service in Iran
2016/12/24 | 13:27
The secretary of the association of after sale service companies announced:

The high cost and low quality are the weakness of after sales service in Iran

the subject of after sales service in the country has many strengths and weaknesses points currently. By increasing the investment and using international experiences this section can improve.

According to PersianKhodro report, Abbas Ali Ghiasi, the secretary of the association of after sale service companies, mentioned this matter and said: “The automotive after-sales service status in the country is evaluated every year by Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company.”
He continued: “Based on the results of last year, the strength points in the automotive after-sales service are the comprehensive movement in after-sales service section to compliance the guarantee processes, ordering and supplying spare parts, customer relationship management, admission and discharge process with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Law Regulations. The weakness points in this section are the lack of spare parts, low quality and high cost of repair and after sales services. Of course making investment is one of the most important factors in compensation of existing deficiencies which will improve the conditions and affect on customer satisfaction.”
Ghiasi pointed that the approach of 4th automotive Industry International Conference is the after-sales service. About the possible outcomes of the conference he said: “One of the goals of the conference is to identify and analyze the international situation of the automotive industry with an emphasis on sales and after-sales services and also to evaluate opportunities and threats in these areas in order to achieve successful global patterns. I hope that this conference led to good outcomes for the automotive industry and in particular the after-sales service and customers’ satisfaction.”
About the leading countries in offering after-sales service and the impact that we can get from them, he said: “Generally, the leader countries in the automotive industry are the leading ones in the after-sales service. Due to the high volume production and also brand credibility, they have high profit that can spend a part of this money on research and development and providing after-sales services.”
The secretary of the association of after sale service companies emphasized: “In the contracts with foreign parties, after-sales service is related to the car producers. If the contracts with foreign automakers in terms of quality and quantity increase, the quantity and quality of after-sales service will increase.”
About the infrastructure of the country to attract more investments in order to give more services, he said: “It is better to use the word POWER instead of infrastructure. The huge market of 400 million people of Iran and surrounding countries, relatively cheap labor and empowerment are the features that make our country attractive for foreign investors.”
Ghiasi continued: “Of course, the foreign investors are looking to make more profit and we should provide conditions for them to be active and influential in Iran. We should not forget that there are strong competitors around us such as Turkey that they seek to attract foreign investors. Therefore, we should take steps faster and more accurately in this area.”
About Renault decision to take over and handle the after-sales service of its products in Iran, he noted: “There are advantages and disadvantages in every actions. Therefore, we must evaluate the outcome of the independence of Renault after-sales service sector in Iran.”
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