November 28, 2022
Customer-oriented in after-sales service is neglected
2016/12/25 | 08:31
Advisor to the Minister in Automobile Industry:

Customer-oriented in after-sales service is neglected

The automotive industry needs to develop and change in various sectors so that it can respond to the request of the people. Undoubtedly, the presence of prestigious brands of car in Iran can make a difference in the industry and the market of automobile.

According to PersianKhodro report, Saeed Madani, the advisor to the minister in automobile industry, said: “After the sanction our relationship with the world auto industry was less and less and it was difficult to conduct with them for technical exchanges.”
He continued: “The sanction was an excuse for the existing brands in our market not to introduce their new products and our old partners just supported their old products during that time.”
Madani added: “The policy makers for automotive industry were waiting for an opportunity to re-establish the connection with foreign partners because everyone knows this fact that more products of our major automakers in Iran are old while in the past few years the expectations of the society has significantly increased and they will no longer tolerate any car with any quality.”
He emphasized on the fact that the ability of domestic automakers for making changes is limited and without the participation of prestigious foreign brands the works will not go ahead very much. He said: “We should cooperate with major foreign automakers based on the goals of our country.”
About the 4th automotive Industry International Conference which is going to be held on 12-13 February 2017, the former CEO of Saipa Co. noted: “Despite the fact that our car models are old, one of the main problems of our auto industry is after sales service which we need the experiences of foreigners in case of having organizational systems and also behaving with the customers.”
The advisor to the minister in automobile industry mentioned: “The approach of 4th automotive Industry International Conference is sale and after-sales services which can increase the experience and knowledge of the automakers about offering after-sales service models in the world and perhaps they think about a solution for this problem.”
He added: “Some of the brands in Iran asked a new condition for making new contracts which is having a dedicated network for their services. This can increase the competition in the auto market.”
He criticized bad behaviors which are seen sometimes in after-sales service section and said: “Along with increasing the quality of services and importing new equipments, we must change our behavior.”
He noted: “Bad behavior of agents in after-sales service centers will upset Iranian customers more than lack of a piece so our auto manufacturers must think about this matter and do something for customer-oriented culture.”
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