November 28, 2022
Iranian automakers must learn how to behave with customers
2016/12/28 | 12:28
The secretary of Iran Vehicle Manufacturers Association:

Iranian automakers must learn how to behave with customers

Manufacturers and importers of global brands which are present in Iran should take this opportunity in the 4th automotive Industry International Conference to gain experience and train their staffs to behave with customers.

According to PersianKhodro report, Ahmad Nemat Bakhsh, the secretary of Iran Vehicle Manufacturers Association, talked briefly about specific goals and programs of country's automotive and auto parts industry in the three previous conferences.
He said: “In the first conference we wanted to introduce our automotive industry and we were successful in this field. In the second conference we determined and announced the goals and policies of automotive industry. As the result of the third conference, which was held after JCPOA, we are making new investment and joint production in the automotive industry with leading producers which it will lead to produce and supply new and competitive products in the automotive market.”
The secretary of Iran Vehicle Manufacturers Association restated: “The third conference was held after JCPOA and foreign parties had a very good participation in that. As the result we started making contracts with Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and Mercedes. However, we can’t claim that we reached 100% of our goals.”
He added: “In the past conferences we reached more than 70% of our goals but we did not pay attention to the subject of after sale service in those conferences which is the concern of our customers. So we decided to focus on this matter specifically in the coming conference.”
Nemat Bakhsh pointed to the weakness of after sale service for manufactured and imported cars in the country and supported the fourth conference, which is going to be held on 12-13 February 2017, to focus on to this matter and said: “When the Renault brand decides to hold and manage its after-sales service directly, it means that they saw the weakness points and dissatisfaction of customers and now they are looking for repairing these points for their productions.”
At the end he said: “The main reason for dissatisfaction of customers is related to the old cars that I think we can decrease them by improving the quality of our after sale services. In consultation with the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade it was decided that the subject of the forth conference will be sale and after sale services so that the leaders in the industry will share their experiences with Iranian side and will correct our weaknesses.”