November 28, 2022
Global automotive market will be achieved by international participation
2017/01/18 | 11:46
The IDRO chairman:

Global automotive market will be achieved by international participation

The Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) chairman pointed out that 5 contracts will be signed in several segments by the end of current year and said: “Saving the automobile industry is by international participation.”

According to PersianKhodro report, Mansour Moazami announced: “The JCPOA has prepared good condition for our automotive industry and as it was mentioned in the report which was presented to the minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, we believe that saving the automobile industry is by international participation.”

He was speaking in the policy- making council meeting of International Automotive Conference with the presence of CEOs of domestic automobile manufacturers and after-sales service companies and said: “We expect to see a stronger presence and greater participation of automobile and auto parts producers in this conference and I hope this condition will be continued along with international approaches.”

The IDRO chairman added: “The only way for us to be an automaker, is to connect to the international network because being an automaker and staying in this market needs domestic and international strategies.”

Dr. Moazzami announced that the key master of our country's industry is automotive industry, especially in the section of after-sales service, and noted: “After-sales service section has the effect on customers’ minds about the producers and this mentality cannot be created beautifully without the good services of manufacturers. We must listen to the needs in service section and all the effective factors must work together in order to provide appropriate services for the customers.”

The IDRO chairman said: “If we want people to pay attention and be interested in the International Automotive Conference, we must introduce the various after-sales services in this industry. According to the internal capabilities and also the services offered in this section, we must ask people about the shortages.”

He pointed out that Iran's auto market is a big market and emphasized: “In condition of international participation we are ready to share this market with foreigners and in exchange we can connect to the international market and export and also connect to the global network of auto parts producers.”

The 4th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference is going to be held on 12-13 February 2017 at the International Conference Center in Tehran's Milad Tower.