November 28, 2022
The most important thing to us is customers satisfaction
2018/03/03 | 16:50

The most important thing to us is customers satisfaction

There's a strong supply chain that support us and it clearly has a important role in this process ...

According to the PersianKhodro report, After-sales service in the world is known one of the main parts of automobile industry, therefore it's not only made for repairing and we have to make plan for it.
Isaco in their new doctrine has tried to complete and establish their own orientation based on this mentality and concentrate on the quality and satisfaction of customers who choose car badges according to their own intended services.
The Iran Khodro Brand, as the greatest automobile manufacturing company in middle east, has a strong effort to develop their own expensive market inside and outside the geographical boundaries of the country and in this way, Isaco will always and all the time have a active presence as the backing up of this moving forward campaign, and in all of these years we tried to add some modern services which are in world class level, to give some updated services to loyal Iran Khodro customers. Of course we know very well that we are in the beginning of the customer orientation route but anyway we started something and we will keep going until we find our customers satisfied.
Using the new services like "Auto-clock" for satisfying the valuable customers of Iran Khodro and also introducing the "Isaco Application service" is just a small piece of our works and services that we have given to our customers and today we are really grateful for these changes and your satisfaction.
We know the worth of time, on the other hand most of our customers are industrial employees who work so hard and don't have time to waste. They might don't get much time to spend on going to repair shops, so in the end of the year, Iran Khodro machine repair service decided to be open in the weekends just to let busy customers who live in Tehran find time to get ready for Nowruz holidays.
We just work hard to see our customers smile and that's our reward, so we are struggling day and night to implementation of modern services.
There is no doubt that when in the reports of Iran Standard Company, the satisfaction of customers increase, we'll be honored because we as a Iran Khodro after-sales company-Isco, were able to make our customers satisfied.
In the way of making Iran Khodro customers satisfied, Isco isn't alone. There's a strong supply chain that support us and it clearly has a important role in this process. Therefore, Isco is trying to improve the quality of its supply chain. We hope that none of our customers would be dissatisfied because of our incoming services.

-Seied Reza Hosseini Isaco Chairman