November 28, 2022
TAM, a matchless brand in automation and automotive manufacturing areas
2018/03/04 | 12:58
In an interview with TAM Company’s managing director, it was discussed:

TAM, a matchless brand in automation and automotive manufacturing areas

TAM has already become more active in joint projects with IKAP and in addition, it has several automotive projects under performance.

According to the PersianKhodro report,TAM Iran Khodro Company is one of the companies with a similar hardly found inside and outside the country. This Company was founded in the beginning of automotive manufacturing road of Iran Khodro in alignment with increase its automation power and production capacity; and after gaining experiences and receiving education from Korea and Germany, it could improve its power in producing automotive lines and factories gradually; and promoted its capabilities by defining foreign sites project. The work proceeded in a way that according to Mozafar Avani, the managing director of this Company, TAM is now able to build a full set of automotive complex and is a matchless brand in automation and automotive manufacturing area. For more information from TAM activities, we arranged an interview with Eng. Avani, as presented here.

There have been two decades since TAM started its work. By appearing in automotive chain, this Company could achieve an acceptable growth and currently it has significant share in non-automotive national projects too. We want to hear from you how TAM came in the path of such evolution.
In the first years of 1990s, Iran Khodro decided to manufacture its products inside the country, followed by variation and increasing the quantity. To complete automotive production chain locally, a Company had to be established to provide the industrial automation of Iran Khodro based on its needs. There was a vacuum in this regards and for this purpose, TAM Company was founded.
In this regards, TAM started growth and development. The paint, body, mold and press, robot, electrical and support units were formed. At the same time, contracts were signed for hiring specialized graduates of prestigious universities and gaining knowledge from companies with technology.
The personnel’s education was performed in classic form and in the process of the work. Ultimately, TAM reinforced its support capabilities in a way that within four to five years, Iran Khodro achieved all its development plans.
The next efforts of TAM were on improving the quality and variation of product. The production capacity increased from 100 thousand cars to one million. As a result of the good engineering ground created in TAM, Iran Khodro sites were established outside Tehran such as Khorasan and Tabriz as well as foreign sites such as Senegal, Syria and Venezuela.

Please talk about the 11 old Robot TAM succeeded to implement in starting its work by using the blueprints of the German manufacturing company and never used.
TAM became engaged in ROBOT fields in two areas. One was SAMAND Body line Iran Khodro had signed its contract before establishing TAM and that line was supposed to be implemented upon establishing TAM. Installation and implementation of its ROBOTS were assigned to TAM in1999 and a team from TAM visited South Korea Hyundai Company. Of course, they had already taken a series of relevant education. At the same time, a second hand BMW line was purchased which consisted a large number of Coca Robot and their demounting was assigned to TAM. When that equipment came to Iran, it was used in four-purpose body shop too. The overhaul of those robots and their re-implementation was performed by the same team which had gone to Korea for course and finally, TAM made five robots too in template of the contract with Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) via reverse engineering and delivered them accordingly.

Are you engaged in Automotive Manufacturing Project in Azerbaijan Republic?
The trim site hall project for Naftchaleh Automotive Manufacturing of Azerbaijan is under development and implementation by TAM Iran Khodro Experts for producing 10 thousand car of DENA family annually.
In view of the importance of this project for Iran Khodro in exports term, all work processes in different sections are under follow up specifically and in core by TAM. Since last days of September and notifying this export project to TAM, it has already shown more than 53 percent physical progress and it has been arranged to have the operations for supplying line facilities, logistic, installation and implementation performed by TAM.
In this joint investment between Iran Khodro and Azerbaijan with 25 and 75 percent share of each, a trim hall (internal design) in semi-automatic automation level has been defined and mass production of the factory will start up to the first half of next year (March-September).

It seems a good future awaits TAM Automotive Section by considering the different projects which have been defined?
TAM has already become more active in joint projects with IKAP and in addition, it has several automotive projects under performance.
IKAP Produces Body Hall Project has already shown 92 percent progress and the installation and implementation stages of full body lines for Peugeot 301, 208 and 2008 (producing floor panels and side body) are being carried out.
Before this project too, the production line for Peugeot 2008 body, the entire process of its jig and fixture layout line designs and transmission systems which had been already finished by TAM Experts has been implemented; and based on those planning, the first complete body (not CKD) of this car will start in April 2018.