November 28, 2022
Iran: second holder of CNG vehicles
2011/10/23 | 14:34

Iran: second holder of CNG vehicles

PersianKhodro: International association of CNG cars has put Iran in the second rank of world holder of CNG vehicles in its latest report.

According to PersianKhodro, this association has announced that there is 1954925 units of CNG vehicles in Iran.

In this report, it is mentioned also that in Iran there is 1574 CNG stations. so there is one station for each 1242 CNG units.

In this report, the first place is Pakistan with 2 million and 740 thousand CNG units. CNG stations in this country is 3285 stations which is the largest amount of stations in the world.

After Pakistan and Iran, there is Argentina in the third place with 1901116 CNG units and with 1878 CNG stations.

The association has announced that totally there is 12674402 units of CNG cars in the world. also, there is 18202 CNG stations.

These are the 10 countries with most CNG cars:

1- Pakistan: 2740000 units with 3282 stations

2- Iran: 1954925 units with 1574 stations

3- Argentina: 1901116 units with 1878 stations

4- Brazil: 1664847 units with 1725 stations

5- India: 1000080 units with 571 stations

6- Italy: 730000 units with 790 stations

7- China: 450000 units with 1350 stations

8- Columbia: 340000 with 426 stations

9- Thailand: 218459 units with 426 stations

10- Ukraine: 200000 units with 285 stations