December 4, 2022
Positive reaction of market to Renault products in Iran
2011/10/23 | 14:40

Positive reaction of market to Renault products in Iran

PersianKhodro: Sales manager of Negin Company said that the reaction of market was “good” and continued:” as the forecasts, market reacted to products positively and Renault vehicles were welcomed so good.”

According to PersianKhodro reporter, Mohammad Reza Shahbazi commented about good reaction of market to Renault products and said :” Safety, Quality and Suspension system of Renault products were the reasons that we anticipated the people will welcome these vehicles warmly.”

He continued:” among the vehicles, Culeos and Litiud were welcomed by customers so much better.”

Although he didn’t give and statistic of Negin products sale .

He announced that the price range of these products is between 54 to 100 million tomans . He added:” Guaranty period of Renault products in Iran is at least 3 years of 100 thousand kilometers . for some vehicles, this period increases a 5 year period .”

He announced that these vehicles were produced in 2011 and they have Euro 4 Standard and a 5 star certificate of Safety .

Even though Ahmad Sanei, CEO Of Negin, said in the official start of Renault deputy in Iran that 6 models of Renault products including Culeos, Scala, Fluence, Lagona,Latitude and Meganne RS will be sold in Iran but so far just 4 vehicles have been sent from this company to market.