December 4, 2022
Balance between marketing and supply chain; market development and customer’s satisfaction
2018/02/24 | 09:55
Manager of marketing and sale of Arman Motor Kavir explained:

Balance between marketing and supply chain; market development and customer’s satisfaction

persiankhodro: The conditions could be kept in balance only if the unity of communication and information between producers and consumers is kept in a suitable flow.

The competitiveness chain of supply in the automotive industry has been presently discussed as one of the most effective scopes; in an extent that any vacuum and insufficient work would cause imbalance in the market. Aghil Mostafaei, the Manager of Marketing and Sale of Arman Motor Kavir Company, the official representative of Luxgen in Iran believes the existence of an integrated and proper connection in the issue of supply chain, and its interaction with marketing range can create a one-piece management in the market surface and its factors. An interview has been arranged with him on this subject which we invite you to read:

What is the role of competitiveness supply chain in marketing and sale?
The chain of supply in an organization creates an atmosphere which can make a link between producers and suppliers, the traditional type of which; that is, resource management and distributions, and marketing could play a very good and suitable role in this process.
Due to connection between market, producers and suppliers, marketing forms an integrated management which makes any collaboration and coordination among business partners of the organization meaningful. In addition, this communication directs and aligns all suppliers so all service and production methods could ultimately lead to end users’ satisfaction and consent.
This issue will create an integrated and partnership role in the market and helps people as customers and end-users in selecting the type of products. On the other hand, it will provide significant contributions to parts and items producers and suppliers; in order to produce and supply products to fit the market criteria, demands and needs; that is, by preparing effective information on the target markets and establishing integration between the market and suppliers in improving the supply chains functions; which in turn will lead to formation of an important duty for marketing and supply chains; in this state the process of partnership and collaboration for integrating information will be directed from market towards suppliers and producers.
On the other hand, marketing will help in the growth of brands values, both in terms of brand making and industrial and business growth of their business models; which in turn leads to creating value added.
By considering feedbacks which are received from the market and people, it will cause role creation and due to the good atmosphere created for them in the market, it escalates and maintains the business name of the Organization; and will have a good role creation in identifying its potential and actual customers.

What is your evaluation of present status of role of supply chain in marketing?
There are definitely some flaws in this field and whatever we are witnessing in production sector is somehow related to this issue. What is certain is an imbalance between those two sectors. One of the important factors in marketing and supply chain issue is the subject of balance which must be present in work environment and business atmosphere. There is dissatisfaction in this part; and this shows the market feedbacks are either have not reached the producers on time; or many of them did not wish to use those feedbacks.
Certainly, if the balance between marketing and competitiveness supply chain is maintained, the market development could be easily created and ultimately, the customer and consumer’s satisfaction will be earned. The conditions could be kept in balance only if the unity of communication and information between producers and consumers is kept in a suitable flow.

Mr. Mostafaei, at the end and in this area, what help and collaboration we can expect from foreign partners?
All companies have targeted supply of needs and meeting customers’ demands in present conditions; and this issue calls for the collaboration of all local and foreign companies to study the customers’ needs and demands by maintaining their professional conditions. Unfortunately, the issue which is not evaluated in the country is the issue of market research. The results of these researches can ultimately lead to considering and meeting customers’ needs and demands. Many companies are not generally enthusiastic in making these market researches; as they seen market research a cost consuming issue due to the large expense it imposes to the company; therefore, they generally do not undertake such researches. Thus, by collaboration and cooperation, this situation could be institutionalized in the companies in some way.