July 27, 2021
Supply of Competitive Parts, the main link of customers’ satisfaction
2018/02/28 | 11:21

Supply of Competitive Parts, the main link of customers’ satisfaction

Abbasali Ghiasi, chairman of Vehicles After-sale Services Companies Guilds Association

Establishing chain of vehicle parts and sets supply is one of the main missions of car after-sale-service companies. This chain must act as an integrated system in a way that could exchange information among beneficiaries on-line and through desirable supply and offering main parts in highest quality, in least time and suitable price, while contributing in increasing the share in market, secure confidence and increase in customers’ satisfaction.

Able managers, specialists and hardworking workers of vehicle after-sale-services, and authorized agencies have aimed at constant improvement in this important area through continuous monitoring of relevant indexes; and have achieved this goal owing to their collective will and integrity found in all their human factors and resources.

Nonetheless, despite efforts of these individuals, there are many customers who complain about shortage of parts. There are many factors involved in this problem. A number of parts manufacturers have already closed due to many reasons such as fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rate, tax, value added tax, lack of benefitting from facilities, high bank interests…and many are not in desirable shape either; and have tried to lay off their workers to survive. Vehicle manufacturers are not able to pay their debts to parts manufacturers in full and for this reason, many parts manufacturers are unable to undertake a continuous production.

There are also numerous problems in importing raw materials; furthermore, parts manufacturers receive no supports either. All these factors have come together to serve as one of the reasons in customers’ dissatisfaction of parts shortage. However, after all, based on the reports of Quality and Standard Inspection company of Iran, the index of “on time supply of necessary parts in vehicles repairs” in 688 average units of the industry during Spring 2017 has improved to 698 average unit of the industry in summer 2017, showing 10 units of growth and the important point is this growth has been realized despite numerous problems as I discussed before.

There is however a solution for this problem to be sure; that is, the qualified and advantaged parts manufacturers of the country should merge in order to produce higher amount of products with better qualities and in double power.

In what way; however, this index could affect the customers’ satisfaction? Due to the importance of this index in customers’ satisfaction, we witness three units increase in customers’ satisfaction. In another word, based on ISQL report, the customers’ satisfaction has increased from 712 units in spring 2017 to 715 units in summer 2017. Of course, our goal has been set on achieving average 750 in customers’ satisfaction. Although we still have some way to go in order to reach this figure, we are using all our efforts to achieve maximum satisfaction of our dear fellow countrymen.

On the other hand, low quality spare parts in the market was one of the complaints of our customers. Our customers should be able to distinguish between main parts from fake parts. It is very hard to distinguish between original and fake parts and not everybody is equipped with the knowledge today, the fake parts producers have achieved such an advancement in production and packaging that one cannot identify fake parts in definite way. Therefore, we do recommend our noble Iranians to prevent any damages to their life and assets, or their family and others, make sure they supply spare parts from representatives and authorized agents of vehicle after-sale-serve companies in order to discontinue work of opportunistic and greedy fake producers who put people’s life and safety in danger, benefit from guaranty of parts replacement as well. In the meantime, the vehicles after-sale-service companies have implemented and established systems and applications to let customers send the codes on the packages containing spare parts to make sure the part is genuine.